I am often asked why I love the Records so much and the answer is easy.  The Records Empower me with a different perspective, which I can choose (or not) to take action. There is never judgment or any mandates that I "must" do this or that...only Love and Understanding.  You can't find that anywhere else. True, you would say religion or God and if you were not including the human construct I might agree but the human thought pattern creates its own form of doubt and taints the above mentioned.  I like to look at the Records as an outlet that Spirit has provided humanity to engage for what I like to call spiritual sculpturing...you may say growth:)

​The method I use is the Pathway Prayer Process© brought to this realm by Dr. Linda Howe. This was not my first process, I was initially certified by ARCI/Akashic Records Consultants International but their process did not resonate with me and shortly after I was able to study under Dr. Howe-whom I have been with ever since and currently serve as her Online Student Advisor.  The process goes directly into the heart of the/your Records and that, my friend, is a loving feeling. 

What are the Akashic Records?

The word Akasha is Sanskrit (Sanskrit is an ancient language of Hinduism and the Vedas; the classical literary language of India) and simply refers to Ether. Ether is defined as the rarefied element formerly believed to fill the upper regions of space-it is also referred to as a 5th Element.  Truth is, the Akashic Records exist in all dimensions, there is no one particular location for the Records nor are they of physical form.  Granted, you may receive a 'physical' illusion regarding the 'placement' of the Records but there is no physical location per se.  Moreover, their focus is on your Earthly experience.  
There are many beautiful definitions but to keep it simple, the Akashic Records are simply the story of your Soul since its inception (first incarnation).  They are energetic records of all thoughts, feelings, events, and beliefs that have ever happened to you-realizing you do not have a Soul, you ARE a Soul that happens to have a body.  We can discuss difference between Soul/Spirit on a separate exchange.  Like quantum physics, the They also contain all possibilities and probabilities that can happen in the future. What is really cool...once you grasp the definition of the Records you will begin to see them in various forms that you might have never considered as a reference to the Records.

Key Point: ANYONE can access the Records, anyone.  We have went from an unconscious method of accessing the Records (Edgar Cayce/Trance) to a conscious method...saying a prayer to access the Records and communicating as when having a normal conversation.  Key is that the practitioner relays everything they receive, feel, or see (vision). 

When accessing the Records, I am accessing your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones or as I refer to them, MTLO’s.    

Here are some of the synonyms for the Akashic Records-

Individual Records – The Urantia Book

The Book of Life

Cosmic or Collective Consciousness

The Cosmic Mind

The Universal Mind

Nature’s Memory

The Universal Library

The Book of Remembrance

The Hall of Learning

The Hall of Knowledge

The Repository of Thoth

The Akashic Chronicles

The Etheric Records

The A-Field

Zero Point Field

What an Akashic Records Consultation is not:

  • Religious in Nature, the Records are affiliated with no Religious ideas or dogmas. Many will confuse the Records as being affiliated with Hinduism (Sanskrit) but that is not the case.
  • Fortune Telling. If you are seeking this, see a psychic or Tarot reader. 
  • Manipulation tool of people or events
  • Interesting Stories of Past Lives
  • Creative Visualization
  • Trance, channeling, mediumship, angelic readings, or psychic in nature. Unlike other types of Readings, the Records have their own Realm.
  • A guessing game on the Reader’s part.  We will have a normal conversation about an area of your life that you would like to explore.
  • A look into other people’s Records; for example, if the question asked addresses another person...the response from your Records

The Records Are…

Quick Recap: Available to all who seek them. From the “Akasha,” a Sanskrit word and meaning “primary substance” – that out of which all things are formed. The Record is known in every spiritual tradition. For example, in the Judeo-Christian tradition as both “The Book of Life” and “The Book of God’s Remembrance.”
Filled with the wisdom and energetic input that can be inspirational and supportive to artists and entrepreneurs, healers and scholars, and all adults of every vocation and avocation.
Supportive in making the fundamental shift from self-reliance to Divine reliance.
A blessing made available to us so that we can embrace our reality and enjoy the life we are living.
A soul level spiritual resource. Everyone has a soul, for you are your Soul. Everyone has the right to work in the Records.
A spiritual support enabling us to have a more conscious relationship with our own soul. 

Assistance with a Reading

Unconditional love is what transpires from an Akashic Reading.  As humans living in this realm, we are 'conditioned'  and accept many different meanings of the word love but none equate to the Unconditional Love given by the Divine and it's this love that emerges during a Reading.  

Important Note: An Akashic Reading is all about you, the one receiving the reading.  The questions below are to give you an idea of the direction you want to go. Every question has a story, the story behind the question will come out during the reading. If you choose to use one of the questions, take ownership and wrap your story around it.

Importance of Wording Questions

Having an issue with a specific problem or situation that you just can’t seem to get a handle on?  Maybe you are having problems with anxiety, holding down a job, or a relationship; these are perfect scenarios to address in the Records.  

The BEST questions begin with “What, Why or How”

-   What can I do right now to find peace, forgiveness and healing?

-   What am I not seeing, and why am I not seeing it?

-   How can I best be centered in my Energy today?

-   What other information can you reveal that will help me shift my current perspective and direct me towards healing?

-   What is the cause of my problem?

-   Did this pattern begin in this lifetime?

-   What lessons can I learn from this particular problem?

-   What is the difference between my Soul mate and Earth mate?  

Note: Yes or No questions and those that deal with ‘predicting’ will reveal very little, if anything.  Additionally, have three questions prepared before the reading commences. Moreover, be prepared to discuss the story behind your question.  

Your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones will reveal specifics, yes, but to provide you the opportunity to grow and understand.  Your action will be your action-this is empowering.  

Please note: The Records are a great place for healing and understanding. If your question is one that does not require such assistance, an Akashic Records consultation may not be what you need, if you feel this is the case just drop me a line and we can discuss.  The Divine has provided many different outlets to assist humanity, for this we are extremely blessed.  I will be upfront and honest if I feel an Akashic Records Reading is not what you require and if I can identify the best route, I will point you in that direction.