Earthing has been around since humans have walked the Earth, actually, it is only in the past couple hundred years that humanity has slowly removed itself from Earthing as a healing element. We used to sleep on the ground and walk barefoot, now we doneither...for the most part.

The Earth beneath our feet provides a powerful and 'maybe' surprising (yet marvelous) function...the function to heal. Check this out:
- A former attorney for a Fortune 500 company who experienced dramatic remission from lupus
- An Australian doctor who restores feeling to the numb feet of patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy
- A paraplegic in Alaska who was unable to move his feet for 25 years after an accident and is able 'now' not only move his feet but take a few steps
- Many others suffering from common disorders have found peace and healing through reconnecting with Mother Earth (Ober, Sinatra, Zucker-Earthing).
For thousands of years, we slept on the ground and walked either barefoot or with animal skin (only) separating our feet from the Earth's surface. Then a shift in our actions...we started wearing non-conductive shoes, sleeping inches to feet off the ground, placing carpets all over the place...all this and other actions basically created an Earth-Starved society-an unhealthier society. However, this disconnect is easily addressed-Earthing. This process is as easy as being outdoors, barefoot-sleeping on the ground and so on. Common benefits of Earthing include:
            - Rapid Reduction of Inflammation
            - Rapid Reduction or Elimination of Chronic Pain
            - Dynamic Blood Flow Improvement to better supply the cells and tissues of the body with vital oxygen and nutrition
            - Reduced Stress
            - Increased Energy
            - Improved Sleep
            - Accelerated Healing from Injuries and Surgery
The Earth is the Natural Inflammatory
"The inflammation, sickness, and pain in your body are but a manifestation-large part or small-of an electron deficiency...the Remedy is as close as the Earth you live on." - Dr. Sinatra
The Applewhite Study, linked to the Nobel Prize physicist Richard Feynman's findings in 1960 on the Earths subtle energies, found a protective effect from Earthing vs. not Earthing...shown to the right and called the umbrella effect.